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Beekeeping is amazing, but getting started can be a challenging journey!

The first year is crucial – and with lots to learn, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There’s so much conflicting advice available, and sometimes it’s incorrect.

Derwent Valley Honey

You have probably noticed by way of the content on this website that Derwent Valley Honey is big into beekeeping. We have produced a library of content covering everything from how beekeeping works to how you can get started as a beginner bee Keeper. We have referenced facts surrounding the collapse of bee populations around the world. We have talked about what governments and individual beekeepers are doing to replace those populations. In short, we have covered just about every beekeeping topic I can think of.

With all that content to look through, you might be wondering why you should start beekeeping yourself. We hope that’s the case. One of the goals of this website is to encourage people to get into the beekeeping hobby. As referenced in some of my other posts, the future of beekeeping really rests in the amateur beekeepers who do what they do simply for the pleasure of it.

There are commercial beekeeping operations that do very good work. But the majority of beekeepers are hobbyists. They are the nuts and bolts of the entire beekeeping community worldwide. So yes, you should start beekeeping. Why? Because it’s awesome!

Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Are you one of the many people across this giant rock we call home that has a natural fear of bees? If so, the first thing We want you to know is that your fear is completely rational. Nature has built in to every creature a desire to avoid pain and discomfort. It is part of the survival process. But when you are talking honeybees, there really is nothing to be afraid of.

It’s safe to say that most of us learned to fear bees not because of some personal experience, but because of something someone else told us. This systemic fear of bees we all grow up with is not made any better by Hollywood films portraying bees as killer insects on the hunt for human flesh.

The truth of honeybees is that they are largely docile creatures. They rarely go on the offensive, only choosing to attack when they believe a hive is directly threatened. Bees are happy to have humans around just as long as those humans don’t mess things up.

There are plenty of beekeepers who have been doing it so long they no longer wear protective clothing. They may get stung from time to time, but they are living proof that honeybees are not looking to swarm their human keepers in hot rage.

Our mission is to encourage residents of the Derwent Valley to dream bigger, learn more, do more, and get more involved in their local community, and the great world of beekeeping, and their Environment.

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